About Us


Yes! The Houm Papa Band Visétois is over 35 years old.
          As a reminder, it was on March 18, 1972 that a handful of friends, keen on brass and percussion, founded this group with an international vocation.
          Initially, a new, surprising and frenzied melody, made of improvisation and an ounce of music theory; the region is conquered and commitments rain down.
          In 1974, contact with the bandas of the south-west of the France during the twinning of Visé with the city of Aiguillon proved " fatal" for the young formation.
          She contracted the virus.
          The tempo refined and became satanic. The students then surpass the masters. So many emotions, so many successes, so many victories in competitions.
          REMEMBER : Mont-de-Marsan, Dax, Condom, French television with Jacques Martin, the list is much longer.
          Acclaimed and upgraded everywhere ! From 3 scores at the beginning, the repertoire has grown to more than 60, and all these compositions draw their inspiration from the Basque and Spanish ferias.
          Seasoned in music theory, the joyful group has forged an unusual reputation throughout Europe. Closer to home, the Dalhem festival would be without them a cake without the cherry !
          But 35 years, it wears out because you have to know that the frame is made of the same, the old as they say. The group matures but, by necessity, it also ages.
          Lady, when you start at 25, you are now in your sixties ! The crisis is brewing and the Houm Papa Band is looking for itself. The conductors parade and parade, as it is true that, if the appetite comes by eating, when we have known everything and scooped everything up, we are force-fed. Not to mention the increasingly fierce competition.
          In Basse-Meuse, they were emulated. Uniquely, in this remote corner of Belgium, Bandas groups develop in abundance and sometimes cause transfers and defectors; the soup is so good!
          Thus, in December 2006, some of the elders wanted the movement to be dissolved. They have known glory and summits, they have nothing more to prove. But it was counting without the young, the little newcomers. They have a wolf's hunger and a thirst for the devil. They decide to continue the adventure. Some musicians leave the group but the next generation is present.
          Under the firm and dynamic leadership of the current president and conductor Olivier FABBRO, new pieces enter the repertoire, the actors juggle with music theory, the rehearsals are numerous and, most importantly, the atmosphere and enthusiasm are intact. Commitments are not long in coming, quality is more than ever present, trust is total.
The houm Papa band has just celebrated its 50th anniversary on June 3, 4 and 5!
A festive weekend that you can visualize in photos and videos.